Wednesday, May 10, 2017

An Update on Tesla

We've had plans to put an update out on Tesla for the past few weeks, but every time we have a few free hours after work, all we want to do is climb in bed or snuggle on the couch with our little girl! We do appreciate all of you who have reached out to check in on her (and us!).

After her most recent vet trip, she seems in pretty good spirits and was physically doing really well. We took all the rules away...and boy did we see her little personality come out! No rules = bad dog ( bad as Tesla can be!). And while she's still out running Edison in the yard, we have definitely see her slow down a bit in some ways - the stairs have been really difficult - and think her kidneys are starting to slow from some bladder issues. But she continues to keep living her life and keeping us in good spirits!

The cardiac specialist recommended a Chinese herb called Yunnan Baiyo that is supposed to help decrease chance of tumor re-bleed which caused the initial heart failure. Additionally, since her original cancer lump, we've been supplementing her daily kibble with goat's milk, which is supposed to be helpful in reducing tumor size. Regardless of either of these medicinal purposes, Tesla LOVES eating her "cereal" each morning!

Unfortunately, Tesla had some marked difficulties over the weekend. Each morning upon waking, she had a really hard time getting up and moving - it seemed like she couldn't get her legs underneath her. My thoughts are that if her heart is slowing, it's less efficient at getting her blood circulating; so after long periods without movement (overnight), the blood isn't in places like her legs or her brain, causing her to wake up with limited feeling/movement in her feet and likely a "fogginess" in her head. Once she's up and moving, she seems to get going okay.

While she's showing signs of some struggle, she's in perfect spirits. She is so, so happy and has been SO playful. We know her days are numbered and likely coming to an end, but we're going to continue enjoying every evening like tonight with her laying at our feet snoring as loud as possible.


  1. Thank you for posting an update, I've been thinking about you guys. Sending you much love!

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