Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Snuggle Sessions

I don't know if Tesla isn't feeling well and needs comforted, knows we need comforted, or knows her time is drawings to a close and is soaking up time with us like we are her, but she's been unusually snuggly the past few weeks.

She climbs up in bed at night, or jumps on the couch and spends hours there - definitely out of character.

She was much more like this when we first brought her home, but it was out of anxiety, which I don't feel from her now. It could be the result of less rules, of course, which have turned her into the cutest little monster. She's old enough and well-behaved enough (e.g. we've had these rules in place long enough) that she's not completely unchecked, but there is an extra pep in her step knowing she gets to do whatever the heck she wants.

Most of the time though, what she wants is to spend time with her humans and dog.

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  1. Dogs need attention of their master and I can see the same behavior if your Tesla.May be she is feeling low but I think she needs your attention only.

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