Wednesday, March 8, 2017

A Second Round of Cheeseburgers

On Monday, I drove Tess out to the Heart to Heart Veterinary Cardiology Consultants at the Akron Veterinary Referral and Emergency Center.

The office was beautiful and everyone was super nice. Tess had an exam with their cardiac specialist, Dr. Boddy; an EKG; and ultrasounds of her heart and abdomen.

Unfortunately, we received the news we were expecting - Tess has a tumor on her heart that likely bled causing the original pericardial effusion. She also has a tumor on her adrenal gland.

Any type of cancer possible in this situation (hemangiosarcoma, ectopic thyroid carcinoma, or lymphosarcoma) does not carry a good prognosis. In order to get a biopsy to determine the type, invasive surgery would be required - and we would be left with pretty crappy treatment options.

Saddened by this news, we began our trek home. Lucky for her, she has no idea her condition and is doing all the things she loves to do.

The tumor on her heart is likely to re-bleed, putting her back into heart failure. With this diagnosis, we know our time left with Tesla is short and valuable. We continue to soak up every second with her and will keep a close eye on her comfort in the days to come.

And of course, there will be more cheeseburgers!


  1. I'm sorry to read this, please give her some loves and a cheeseburger from us.

    1. Thanks so much, Emily! All the extra love is definitely helping! Extra cheeseburger, coming right up!!

  2. thats really sad to see your dog getting old and being able to do things and enjoy walks like before but we still love them so much that we would do everything to keep them healthy and happy for longer.