Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Tesla Does the Colony

Last weekend, we took Tesla for an outing to a place I have been dying to go when I have some time: The Shops at the Colony on West 8th Street.  I have been to the plaza to go to my yoga studio, usually after all the other shops are closed, and have been so intrigued by the other stores.

First on our list is a quick favorite: Mod Apothecary - an aromatherapy and perfumery bar.  They just opened at the beginning of the month and have been a big hit in this household.  We purchased a couple of their cleaners (mint bathroom cleaner and citrus window cleaner) as well as beard oil (for Sam, obviously).  Everything smells so amazing there!  We popped in this weekend so I could blend by own perfume - so. amazing.

We also grabbed a coffee and a delicious piece of lemon poppy seed bread from Brew Ha Ha.  This place loves their dogs, as evident by the dog-heavy decor (which I loved).  They have a bed and water dish outside for canine customers and even a tether in case you wanted to run in and didn't have a second set of hands.  I thoroughly enjoyed my Brewchata and recommend it!

The plaza was so busy the Saturday we went - it was nice to see a bustling plaza in Erie.  Of course, not every shop was dog friendly, so there are still more for us to check out in the near future!

Have you been anywhere new with your pooches?  Have any of you Erieites taken your pooch to the Colony?

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  1. Love the idea of being places that accept our dogs! Looks awesome!