Friday, May 29, 2015

Lawn Care

In our neighborhood, it's no secret that we are not the best about getting our lawn mowed in a timely manner.  It is almost always overgrown.

Unfortunately, when we go to do yard work, we're directed by slave drivers following our every step...

 ... and pointing out missed spots.

But really, they love the yard at any length!

Who's in charge of your lawn maintenance?


  1. Boomer does the supervising around here!

  2. I'm so jealous of your grass! Our yard just has a dead grass/dirt patch and water with our drought, it just seems wasteful to water it. Once in a while we find some grass at the park and the dogs love rolling around. :)

    1. Why don't you work on it and convert them to beautiful green grass? You can take help of any tree or lawn care expert in doing so.

  3. Amazing work! I can see that how healthy your lawn grass is. I also want my lawn grass to be as healthy as your lawn grass is, I recently installed sprinkler system to my lawn area from Lawn Sprinkler company in New York as i live here. Grass has just started growing and it looks quiet healthy.