Wednesday, March 4, 2015

VIP Products Toy Tester: Tequila Worm

We recently received another VIP Toy Tester product: a tequila worm!

 Edison had fun playing with this new guy.  While he only had one squeaker, his body was one core that squeaked at all locations.  Ed loved this.

His fabric hat was an easy area of destruction that quickly brought down the tequila worm.

 Unfortunately, Mr. Worm quickly met his demise.

Of all the products we've reviewed our favorite is still the Mega-Tug Oval that is still in commission!

And here's a photo of Tesla...just because she's so darn cute!
What is your pooch's favorite toy?  Have you found any super-durable toys?


  1. Very cute pictures! I think Edi is thinking "that was fun while it lasted!" I will have to get one of the mega tug ovals. I am sure our girls would love it!


    1. Oh man! I think they would love the mega tug! Any of their "Tuffy Mega" series is fantastic -- every one is still in commission.

  2. Good bye Tequila Worm. I usually buy toys that are long with squeakers but no stuffing because the dogs like playing tug with each other & shaking it around. There's a pretty good snake one at Petco.

    1. Ooo...this sounds right up our alley! They love a good game of tug and Edi is ALL ABOUT squeakers!