Friday, January 16, 2015

VIP Products Toy Tester: Mega Octopus

The past few days, Edison's new best friend has been Oscar Schwarzacreature, the latest of Tuffy Toys we received.

Even after losing his head (and all his guts stuffing), he still remained Edison's faithful companion.  Until Tesla got a hold of him...

Overall, the pups have really enjoyed playing with Oscar.  And while he's no longer a stuffy, per say, Edison has been carrying his carcass all through the house.


  1. Ha! Edison is trying so hard to get a piece of the action!

  2. A ha! I just bought this toy and was trying to remember who posted about it! ;) my girl usually destroys within minutes, but it is still in one piece 2 days later!

    1. We had this one for quite a few days before he lost his head! But the carcass (and tentacle squeakers!) is still going strong over a week later!

    2. Ours is hanging in..she only removed one of the squeakers from one arm. I'd call this a success! ;) Thanks for posting about it!