Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A Look Back

Each year around the pooches' birthdays, we like to take a minute to think about how they were the year before.  And the year before that.  And the year before that...

We think about how much more timid Tesla was, and how much more independent she has become.

And we think about how walks with Edison used to be, and how difficult it was to have him out of his crate with guests over.

In these few moments we celebrate another year with our best friends (and stay sane when Ed is being a jerk).

Do you reminisce about your pooches?  How have they changed?


  1. Love that last peaceful! I reminisce about the pups. I mostly love how well we know each other now & how much better behaved they are! But I also think about how much they are the same, how much they still enjoy each other. It makes me very happy!

  2. We look back on a sorts of things Boomer and Dottie have done.

  3. I look at this post as 'how far you have brought them'! Which is only one reason why we love you so much!!!