Monday, November 10, 2014

PEDs: Walking By Yourself

We've heard more than once from some of our group members about how they are used to walking by themselves.

This happens when you have a reactive dog.  You learn to spend your time on the outside -- slightly secluded, but close enough to be a part of something.

We love that our walks allow everyone to be a part of it.  Our "yellow" dogs aren't just part of the pack; they're why we do it.

Do you ever feel like you're always walking alone? 


  1. I do feel like I'm walking alone because of Boomer's exuberance for meeting other dogs and because Dottie can be so nervous.

    1. We're able to get a bit closer to other dogs/people with Edison nowadays, but still have to keep our distance most of the time. We're so happy that we started our walking group for our reactive dogs (and the people!).