Monday, November 24, 2014

PEDs: Progress is Progress

As we've said before, we love seeing the progress of our pack members.  We know that it can be overwhelming working with a reactive dog.

We see the progress of our pack members each week.  It may be something as simple as not barking as much.  It could be as big as walking calmly beside another dog.

 Whatever the progress, we love seeing our members succeed and grow.  And you know we live by our favorite mantra -- if you don't laugh, you cry!

How do you keep track of your pooch's progress?  How do you celebrate the little wins?


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    1. We have some incredibly photogenic pooches!! And the cemetery we walk in is so. gorgeous.

  2. Looking back is the best way for me to keep track of Luigi's progress. A year ago, we fantasized about joining Pack of Erie Dogs. Who knew a year later we would be regulars at the pack walks?

    We celebrate by going new places and giving Luigi new experiences. Even if we look for the almost empty beach or park, it rewarding for both of us to go new places.

    My new off leash play date.


    1. Same here!! Sam & I regularly say "remember when we first brought Edi home.." or "remember when we could never..." Works every time!

      It's within reach!! We've done several with Edi, a dog that's not an off-leash dog! It just takes a wh and selecting the right dog. We've found that Edison does really well with high-energy, small dogs. We do several long walks, working up to walking side-by-side, then lots of "hanging out" leashed with no greetings. Once the dogs seem like they don't care much about the other, that's when we drop the leashes! It takes commitment, but it's not hard! Check out these resources for proper intros:

    2. Thanks Hannah! I'll check them out now.