Friday, September 19, 2014

Releasing the Beast

It's no secret that we are huge proponents of the crate.  Both of our dogs take to it (fairly) well, and they even know the command "go to bed."  But of course, we always feel a bit bad having them cooped up all day, especially on days when we come home late and can't come home at lunch.

Our favorite lunchtime activity

While we know Tesla would sleep all day if left out, we also know she would poop and pee in the house 5 minutes after we left.  We always assumed that if we left Edi out, we'd come home to a house of shambles.

But after my sister was in town and we saw how relaxed he was after a day out of the crate, we couldn't help but think about how nice it would be to come home to a relaxed dog!  So much so, we tested out the waters by leaving Edison home out of his crate for 15 minutes during a grocery run...and he didn't even eat any thing!

Do you crate your dog?  Any guilty feelings about it?


  1. I remember testing Melvin with run of the house and figuring he'd destroy everything. He slept the entire time, I videotaped him! He has had the run of the house for about 6 years now. Jake stays in the mudroom, but he still has enough room to move, stretch and misbehave (pee and poop from time to time!) but still be contained! Good luck, I bet he'll do great!

  2. Way to go not eating anything Edison!

    We used to leave Boomer and Dottie out all the time and then we moved. Since we're renting now I don't want to take my chances and the dogs are crated. Dottie loves it in there in fact she's in there right now with the door open, it's her safe place. Boomer on the other hand won't go in unless I tell him he has to but once he's in there he doesn't mind.

  3. Ray hasn't been crated for about 18 months or so. We started leaving him out then came home to a six foot wide hole in the carpet, so he went back to the crate, but he finally grew out of that and he also sleeps all day. Julius is also no longer crated either but both boys are double gated from each other. For instance, Ray has the run of the main floor and there is a gate at the bottom of the stairs and Juli is gated into a bedroom upstairs. Knock on wood it has worked out but in all honesty, Julius goes to daycare 3 days a week, so we only have to worry about the other two days.

  4. After Lainey turned 3 in July we decided that she was probably past the "puppy" stage and we could trust her a little more. After only a week of "testing the water" we took down her cage and haven't looked back. Her new bed is now where her crate was and she still goes there when it is time for us to leave. Old habits are hard to break :)

    Our Jack Russell on the other hand has to mark EVERYTHING in the house, so he still goes in his cage. Although, just recently, we started leaving both dogs shut in our bedroom if we aren't going to be gone too long, and he has done great.

    It would be ideal to be able to get rid of both crates, but his is so small compared to Lainey's that I'm just happy that hers is gone.

  5. I think crates are a great idea for dogs who need them. I guess I lucked out with Kaya & Norman because I've never crated them and they have run of the house with no issues. When he was a puppy Norman chewed a couple cat toys and a flip flop but he grew out of it.

    Though I rarely leave them home alone for more than a few hours, I've been out for over 12 hours a couple times and returned home to wagging tails ans squinty eyes. The lazy bums slept all day:)