Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Having had Edison around the past 3 years, we've grown in many ways.

Most of this growth is through necessity.  After some of Edi's antics, it is all we can do not to kill him.

So we've come up with this mantra when this happens: "If you don't laugh, you cry."

This way instead of getting mad, we take a moment and think about how funny the situation actually is.

How do you deal emotionally when your pooches act up?


  1. That last picture is too good. I like your mantra..:)

  2. I like your mantra, I think I need it for just daily life sometimes!

    It's rare that Boomer and Dottie act up now (unless we're on a walk) but I just try to keep my cool because I don't want to make the situation worse.

  3. We believe in that mantra wholeheartedly! In fact, sometimes in other situations (with people) I will find myself inclined to laugh instead of something appropriate, like hug or cry!