Friday, September 5, 2014

Family RUN Friday

I've been running again.  On short runs (and cool days) I like to take one of the pooches with me.

The instinctual choice is Edison; he's so energetic -- and wouldn't it be nice to have a peaceful night for once?  In reality, he's not that great.  He gets way overheated on even a moderately warm day and becomes distracted by the smallest things (oh, look! Is that a rock?!)

While Tesla is super laid back, she's also surprisingly athletic.  She runs circles around Ed in the yard and makes turns that would surprise a professional driver.  She's also a great running partner.  She has no problem keeping up and running short distances (3-4 miles), and even keeps perfect pace!

Do you run with your dog?  We want to know!


  1. We've both tried running with the pups a few times over the years. Paul does a great job at lumbering along, keeping pace, and handling the distance. Annie, our foxhound mix, bread to keep up with horses on a run, drives both of us nuts when we take her out. She stops and sniffs everything! Yes, I know she's a hound, but I wonder how they train a pack of foxhounds to run with the horses with the way she stopps and sniffs. Then again, with the way she reacts to the sound of the cannon from the military base near by, I'm glad she's not trained to chase anything in the woods.

    1. Oh geez! I don't notice Edi stopping to sniff and get my arm pulled - I'm sure it's pretty comical from an observers point of view! I can only imagine running with a hound!!!!

  2. Baahhhaaahhaaahaa! Um, no, I don't run. I have been trying to keep a steady walking schedule up with the boys, though.

  3. Good job! Sometimes I run downhill on my hikes, it's pretty fun when I have momentum from gravity but I can't(won't) run's hard! The dogs loves it when I run, even if it's just for a few seconds, they get excited and run with me even though they are off leash. Then they look back at me when I stop, wondering what happened to all the fun and games.

  4. I'm not a runner but the few times I've tried Dottie seems to think that she's supposed to be in front of me pulling but Boomer keeps pace very nicely!