Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Canine Look-Alikes

We've all heard about dogs who look like their owners.  The more dog owners I meet, the truer it becomes.  While it may not be that they look alike, they end up sharing a lot of similarities.

For example, neither Tesla nor I like to be home alone.  And Sam and Edi both scarf down their food.   Tess and I both like snuggles, but like our space when it's time to sleep -- Edi & Sam want to be smushed together.

I just wonder -- do our dogs pick up things from us (or us from them), or do we find ourselves in the dogs we choose?  Is it really just our soul finding a piece of itself in another being?

Do you have any similarities with your dog, physical or otherwise?  And check out this study done in Japan!


  1. Oh my you opened a can of worms here. Boomer and John are so much alike, they are both really laid back but once you get them mad they will tell you about it. Dottie and I on the other hand are both really high strung and have a hard time just letting things go.

    I really could go on and on about this... maybe I'll have to write a post about it some day!

  2. HA! I'm not sure how much alike I am with my dogs. Both are a lot more out going than I am. And Kaya is way hyper and neurotic, while I'm mellow. Though we do all love laying in bed, sleeping in, cuddling on the couch and blowing off those who are rude to us:)

  3. So funny! I love that picture of you two!.. I think Ray and I are so similar that it's spooky and about 85% of the time if we are in the same building, we are typically touching each other. Julius is ok being near me but doesn't always need physical contact.