Tuesday, August 26, 2014

PEDs: My First Walk

When we first started our dog walking group, we would cancel if I couldn't be there. Since this summer has been so crazy, there have been many Sundays we have been out of town.  Luckily, we have been starting to share some of the responsibilities of the walks.

One of our members (thanks, Karen!!) has been leading the walks -- and even taking the photos! -- while we've been gone.  This week, she offered to attend the walk dog-less and take photos so that I could bring one of the pooches.

That's how I attended my very first pack walk!  Edison did fantastic and I had a great time enjoying a beautiful view and fantastic company.  I could never imagined when we started last May that this group would turn into such a supportive community!

Thank you to everyone who has made each of our walks successful!  And a special thanks to Karen  for keeping us going!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Family Walk Friday: Two Dogs at Once

As much as we think we sometimes want another dog, it really is nice having one human for every pooch.  While Sam & I don't travel much for work, there are occasions where it's one human and two dogs.

 In that case, one of us is responsible for walking both dogs.  Often, I'll take each dog for a shorter walk.  But there are sometimes I want to take the dogs for a longer walk, or I don't have time for two walks.

 For those times, I walk the dogs together.  While Edison and Tesla are pretty good walkers on their own, it seems that they lose all manners when walked together.  I've found keeping the walks shorter, having plenty of treats, and frequent check-ins help create a successful walk with two pooches.

Do you have to walk two pooches?  What are some tricks you use to make it successful?

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Stranger Danger!

Edison has been watching too many After-School Specials.  He thinks anyone else on the street is there to abduct him and he has to scare them off.  He does so by barking "Stranger!" very loudly for all to hear.

We've been trying to explain to him that he is fine as long as he's with us.

Luckily, he seems to be understanding as his stranger bubble has gotten a bit bigger - now it isn't every person/dog/bicycle in a 2 block radius.

Is your dog aware of strangers?

Monday, August 18, 2014

PEDs: Pack Order

For our walks, we generally let them unfold naturally.  As pooches and their humans find their stride, they fall into the pack line up.

Sure, every once in a while we'll get two dogs who don't mesh well next to each other and need to rearrange, but our members pretty much take care of it.

This week, however, we had many new faces and several "yellow" dogs.  With so many different personalities, we did a quick line up order to get us going.

We knew that our members would still find their order, but we want to make sure that all our pooches are set up for success - and that our human members don't get defeated before they get started!  We may not do this every week, but we definitely found it helpful!

How do you set your pooches up for success?