Monday, July 21, 2014

PEDs: Sharing Responsibilities

It has been a super busy summer for us.  With so much less free-time, it has been hard keeping up with everything.

Our weekly pack walks take planning - setting up a location, checking the weather, notifying our members.  And once that is complete, there's getting to the walks, taking photos, and posting the pictures.

I love doing it all, but sometimes not every week!  It has been so nice to hand over some of that responsibility this month.

Releasing the reigns isn't always easy for me, but it has paid off!  We've had beautiful walks this month in a location I didn't even know about!

Thanks to everyone who has helped with the walks this summer!


  1. that's nice that you can get a little break.. we all need that! I love my kids but it's nice to have a break too lol

    1. I can only imagine!! Luckily, when I get tired of the pooches, they can go in a crate!