Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Ed & Tess's Favorite Things: Jolly Egg

With a dog like Ed, we're always looking for ways to keep him entertained.  Since most stuffies we get him meet a tragic demise, we also want to find things that will hold up.

We recently got to test drive the Jolly Egg from our friends at Fit for a Pit.  I've heard good things about this toy, but wasn't sure how the pooches would take to it.

Tess was...well, Tess was thoroughly unamused.  Edison was, however, intrigued.  We ended up playing in the yard together for almost a half hour.

We're digging this toy.  It's so far held up really well and has been a great interactive toy for us to play with the pooches.

What's your dog's favorite toy?


  1. I'm posting again, because I don't think my first comment went through....

    Is the toy hard? I noticed that Ed wasn't able to retrieve it in his mouth.

    But what I really want to how do you keep your lawn looking so nice? Our female pittie, Lainey, has destroyed our back yard with her urine. It starts off as yellow/brown spots and then eventually it dies completely leaving big holes in our lawn with no grass.

    1. It is - which is so different from the other toys we have!

      HA! I must have just chosen selective photos! Edison has done the same to ours. I never had a problem in our yard for the year we lived there without Edison, but we now have our fair share!

  2. That is awesome! Half an our is a long time for a dog to play one game! Yay!!!! (and as for the brown spots-- if you spray the spot with the hose/water right after they go (to dilute it), it won't brown. Apparently it's only an issue if they pee during the day in the yard (sun+pee=brown spots). I've been doing it and it's working! Not the easiest thing to always catch/spray but even sometimes makes a difference!

    1. He was so into playing "soccer" with me! Thanks for the info -- we'll have to try this!