Friday, June 13, 2014

True Love

It's no secret that when we first brought Edison home, we thought we had made a big mistake.  Just a few short years later (were they really that short?), we have one of the best buds a human could ask for.

While it definitely wasn't love at first sight, I find myself falling further in love with this big, furry, blockhead every day.  He keeps me in stitches with his crazy antics, warm on cold nights, and give us constant companionship.

It's amazing what a few years, multiple obedience classes, and a lot of work will do!

Was it love at first sight for you and your pooch?  Or did the bond take time to develop?


  1. Ed sure is one handsome dude!

    I would have to say it was pretty close to love at first sight for Lainey and I. The first week after rescuing her, I brought her to work with me every day. It was during that first week that we formed a bond that will never be comparable to any relationship she has with anyone else. And that bond only multiplied when I became her sole care-giver during her 2-year long ordeal with her ACL surgeries, recovery and rehab. Don't get me wrong, she loves her daddy....but just not quite the same way she does me.

  2. So sweet!! She's so lucky to have you!

  3. Nice post! It's awesome when your dogs can make you laugh:)

    Kaya was love at first sight, then not-so-much-love and then love again...haha. She was a very frustrating pup for me and being a high energy dog with a low energy human was a tough match for both of us. We found a way to compromise with a lot of obedience training for her and a lot of hiking for me but it turned out we both enjoy those things more than we thought!

    I have been head over heels in love with Norman since the moment I laid eyes on him, both on the internet and then even more so in person. I actually didn't want to love him so much because it was poor timing to adopt another dog but I couldn't help myself. He's been my #1 guy ever since:)

  4. Total love at first sight with Boomer and Dottie both!