Monday, June 2, 2014

PEDs: Doggy Parade

This week's PEDs walk was one of the largest ever at 15 dogs!  With the weather finally breaking, everyone in Erie is ready to be out and about -- including our pooches!!

During our walk, we turned so many heads and heard more than once "hurry, come look at the doggy parade!"  We love that we can set a good example of responsible dog ownership and promote a dog friendly city.

Do you turn heads when you're out and about?


  1. I think the main reason we turn head when we're out is that both of our dogs are big and ready to make friends with just about anyone and anything!

    1. How could you resist stopping to look at those two wigglebutts!! I wouldn't be able to do anything but pet them!!

  2. So great! I love the part about checking out the doggy parade.

  3. I would squeal with delight if any doggie parade went by, let alone yours!!!!