Monday, June 16, 2014

PEDs: Dog Talk

One of the best things about our weekly pack walks is we get time to shamelessly talk about our dogs to people that are actually interested.

I find myself rambling on and on to people about Ed and Tess, only to realize that they probably don't care.

But every Sunday, we get a chance to talk to a group of people that are genuinely interested in our pooches as much as we are!

Do you have an outlet for talking about your pooches?


  1. Luckily working at a dog training facility allows me to talk about Boomer and Dottie and I love it!

  2. I love hearing about all the dogs - how they became part of the family, all their silly antics, even the horribly embarrassing things they have all done (so I feel better about the stuff mine does!) These walks are as beneficial for me as they are for Madigan. And look, you caught her smiling again!

  3. That's cool! I think this is why I was initially so drawn to the dog park. I only realized it was a horrible idea when the thought of talking to everyone about my dogs while watching them get into all sorts of horrible situations(in hindsight I know what these were) made me cringe. You guys are doing it right! I like to blab about dogs to my family and a few friends but rarely get into it with strangers.

  4. Volunteering at the shelter allows me to talk about my dogs, their dogs, past dogs, etc! I love it.

  5. That is awesome!!! Walking, working on reactivity AND talking about dogs!!!