Monday, June 30, 2014

PEDs: Making the City Larger

While Erie is considered a small city, Erie residents see an even smaller portion of that city.  We get very comfortable in our 'hoods, rarely exploring beyond a small radius near our houses or workplaces.

One of the best things about our weekly Pack walks is that it forces us to open our radius up a bit, exploring new parts of our city.  And really, exploring any city is best done with a dog at your side.

What is your favorite way to explore your city?

Friday, June 20, 2014

Warmer Weather

After the winter we had this year, we feel like we deserve some warmer weather.  We've been so excited to spend more time outside and take long walks with the pooches.

But as the temperatures rise - we hit 90 degrees earlier this week! - all our pooches want to do in lounge around in the shade!!

How do your pooches handle the heat?

Monday, June 16, 2014

PEDs: Dog Talk

One of the best things about our weekly pack walks is we get time to shamelessly talk about our dogs to people that are actually interested.

I find myself rambling on and on to people about Ed and Tess, only to realize that they probably don't care.

But every Sunday, we get a chance to talk to a group of people that are genuinely interested in our pooches as much as we are!

Do you have an outlet for talking about your pooches?

Friday, June 13, 2014

True Love

It's no secret that when we first brought Edison home, we thought we had made a big mistake.  Just a few short years later (were they really that short?), we have one of the best buds a human could ask for.

While it definitely wasn't love at first sight, I find myself falling further in love with this big, furry, blockhead every day.  He keeps me in stitches with his crazy antics, warm on cold nights, and give us constant companionship.

It's amazing what a few years, multiple obedience classes, and a lot of work will do!

Was it love at first sight for you and your pooch?  Or did the bond take time to develop?

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Ed & Tess's Favorite Things: Graphic Tees

Since the pooches get a big ol' party for their birthdays (that they aren't actually invited to), we don't do much for them (I know, the horror!).  Maybe an extra long walk, or some yummy toppings on their kibble, even the occasional cupcake -- and usually something that I've been wanting an excuse to buy.

This year, I had been eyeing up these graphic tees from Fit for a Pit.  They seemed to sum up our pooches perfectly and are just so dang cute.  With an excuse to buy, they were to be mine.

Realizing the shirts only come in large and extra large was a huge bummer - I thought Tess would be a medium.  I wrote to them asking about the fit and got an immediate response -- one that I wanted to hear!  She assured me that the large should fit her perfectly, and that if it didn't it could be sent back.

Tess loves the pink color so no one calls her a boy, while Edi thinks it helps him fit in with all the city kids in his plaid and graphic tee.

Have you made any new purchases lately?  Spill it!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Oral Hygiene

Yes, we brush our dogs' teeth.  Confession: we don't do it as often as we should.

Tesla's teeth are awful.  They always have been.  With how gunky they get, we really need to stay on top of it.  Especially since she can't afford to lose any more.  We've had them polished by the vet three times since bringing her home (about every other year) to keep her mouth in the best health.  We don't want to rely on this as we try to limit any unnessecary time under anestesia (not to mention that it ain't cheap!).

So, in order to help keep their teeth clean and healthy, we brush!  Tess hates it.  We did a lot of desensitizing in our early years together and she now she tolerates it, but always tries to run away or turn her head.  Edi, however, loves it.  His teeth are almost harder to brush because he never stop smacking his lips.

With all the health concerns a dirty mouth carries, it's really a shame how little we focus on this easy task.

Finishing off with parsley hearts made by our friend Sadie
Do you brush your dogs' teeth?  How do you put it into your routine to ensure you do it?

Monday, June 2, 2014

PEDs: Doggy Parade

This week's PEDs walk was one of the largest ever at 15 dogs!  With the weather finally breaking, everyone in Erie is ready to be out and about -- including our pooches!!

During our walk, we turned so many heads and heard more than once "hurry, come look at the doggy parade!"  We love that we can set a good example of responsible dog ownership and promote a dog friendly city.

Do you turn heads when you're out and about?