Monday, May 19, 2014

PEDs: When Walks Don't Work Out

So far, our walking group has been fortunate to have found beautiful, less-traveled routes for all our walks.  Even when we've met an off-leash dog or two, we've had relative success.  Until this week.  We found a beautiful little neighborhood with light traffic and a good view.  When we tested the area before selecting it and also when we walked it two weeks ago, it seemed to be a great route.  This week, however, all the dogs were out.

Granted, their owners were right there, but that didn't stop them from walking right up to our group.  With a few "yellow dogs" in the group, this is not only stressful for our walkers, but does not set our dogs up for success.  Unfortunately, we've found the first walk route that just hasn't worked out!  

Have any of your seemingly beautiful walks ever turned into an obstacle course?


  1. Um yes, there is a park near our house that when the weather is nice or it's the weekend we don't dare go to, there's too much chaos and the dogs just can't handle it. So we take them somewhere else!

  2. We were lucky that it went as well as it did, with no major incidents that I saw. The credit for that goes to you, Hannah, for being a human shield and of course to everyone in our group for being attentive to their dogs and aware of what was going on. It could have been so much worse! Of course, a year ago (or even a few months ago) Madigan would have gone completely insane when other dogs (on or off leash) were around. She pulled me away from them and otherwise ignored them. Not one bark! Stressful as it was, yesterday's walk was a good one for me and Madigan and showed how far she has come.

  3. Hopefully you emerged unscathed! Honestly, I treat every walk that we take in our own neighborhood this way. Every turn we make I try to assess what I can see and hope for the best for what i can't see. And there have been plenty of 'bad walks' that were no fault of ours. But we head back out the next day!