Friday, May 30, 2014

Family Walk Friday: Connie's Ice Cream

Yikes.  Things have been crazy around here and we haven't been very good about making time for posts lately.  Sorry about that.  Another thing that we haven't had much time for is our family walks.

We like to take time (especially with this gorgeous weather we've been having!) to take long walks together exploring new (to us) parts of our city.

A perfect way to cap off a great walk is with some delicious ice cream of course.  We've been so excited to get some Connie's Ice Cream since they opened this summer.  Cue the angels because this stuff is heavenly -- homemade, mouth-watering varieties.  If you're in the Erie area and haven't tried Connie's...go.  NOW!

Do you take family walks?  And cap them off with ice cream?


  1. We've been taking quite a few family walks lately and it's never a bad thing to end with ice cream!

  2. Yum! I love ice cream so much:D Our walks rarely involve friends or family but I guess you could say our 1 human/2 dog family goes on walks every day:)