Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Our Foster: Toby - AN UPDATE!

Last year, we emailed our foster Toby's forever family to check in.  They recently shared with us how Toby and his sister Abbey are getting along.

You'll be happy to know that Toby is a perfect fit for our family!  He is such a lovable, cuddlable, smart boy!  He has another beagle named Abbey to play with and to fight the heaters for!  Him and Abbey are heat hogs; they will try to nudge each other sometimes to steal heat from the vents!  Needless to say, they do not appreciate the cold weather.

Toby and Abbey both snuggle up to us at night and usually sleep right between me and my husband!  (Usually Toby is cuddled up in my arms!)  He is a good boy who brings much job each day to our family.

His favorite toys are anything that he can tear a squeaker out of, but only if it is soft; no rubber toys for him, he says!  Also, if any time of the day anyone sits on the floor, the couch, a chair, or almost anything, Toby will be right in your lap!  I love it!  

Again, I want to say we are so thankful for Toby; he is a perfect fit for us.  Isn't it funny that I didn't want a second dog in the first place, but now I could not imagine my life without him right now!?  The beagle I brought home ended up liking Joe more, and the beagle Joe brought home likes me more!  I am very thankful to have Toby in my life; he has brought much energy and happiness to our family.

We are so happy Toby found his perfect family and that they love him just as much as we do!


  1. How cute! Always nice to get a great foster update:)

  2. I love hearing about forever homes working out and being a great fit... love!