Friday, April 4, 2014

Fence Runner

We've talked about how our weekly pack walks helped us stay "in shape" for the warmer weather ahead.

One thing that we need to work on as we spend more time outside is Edison's fence running.  We have a 7' privacy fence that runs around 2 sides of our yard - one side being a semi-busy road with a bus stop.

With Edison's territorial-ness, along with the foot traffic and bus riders outside our fence, we get a lot of barking and fence running during the summer -- as evident by the path worn along the fence.  So this spring, we're planning on getting to work on this bad habit.

Has anyone dealt with this?  What steps did you take?


  1. If you've ever talked to someone about landscaping a yard one of the first things they ask is if you have a dog that will be in the yard. The reason they typically ask is because they don't want to plant anything too close to the fence because it would impede the dog when they patrol their fence line. Boomer has always been one of those guys who wears a path along the fence, first at our old house and now at this new one. He doesn't really cause any trouble barking at anyone unless they bother him though. He just has to make sure his yard is secure!

  2. Good luck! Zoey patrols our fence quite a bit and I don't know how to "fix" it. I just bring her inside:/ Kaya and Norman grew up with a yard like yours with a solid fence along a busy sidewalk so I had a lot of opportunities to teach them to ignore the outside world. I'm so relieved now because our neighbor's dog barks a ton at the fence and they just ignore him, as well as the many squirrels that hang around:)

    1. Us either! We'll let you know if we come up with anything good. Right now, I'm trying to solidify him "come" response when he's outside and not patroling. At this point, he completely blows me off if there is something on the other side, so still figuring that out!