Monday, March 17, 2014

PEDs: Spring Training

One of our favorite reactive dog resources recently put up this post about reactive dogs being "out of shape" when coming across other dogs/people/bicycles after a long, cold winter.  We are so guilty of this ourselves, and we know Edison has taken quite a few steps back because of being cooped up so much this season.

But one thing we have going for us is our weekly walks.  They keep our pooches social by allowing them to see other dogs and strange humans on a weekly basis.  We even come across outsiders from our group from time-to-time.

There were runners and several other dogs in the park -- even a (well-behaved!) off-leash one.  And you know what?  He did fantastic.  With all these potential triggers, Edison didn't have a single meltdown.  How's that for progress?

Is your dog out of practice?  What do you do to keep him mentally prepared for the busyness of spring?

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  1. We're soooo out of practice and need to start walking more now that the weather is getting nicer.