Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Trusting a Pitbull

I'll admit it: when I first started seeing Hannah, I was wary of the little, muscle-bound, resident pitbull.  She didn't trust me much either.

I was a victim of the anti-bullie propaganda that has had a firm hold on our society for far too long.

Long story short - I knew that I'd have to get to know this beautiful little creature because it was (and is) painfully evident where my place in the pecking order was.

Thank God for stubborn women.  It wasn't long before Tessie-girl was snuggling me while we watched TV, lick-attacking me when I returned from work, and serving her general purpose of heating the bed during frigid Erie nights.

You'd think that once I became so close with Tessie that my unwarranted mistrust would disappear and I would welcome any dog with open arm(s), right? ...WRONG.

Once Edi Boy showed his true colors, I stated on multiple occasions that I would "never trust this dog."

After years of hard work and lots of time to bond, I trust Edi just as much as Hannah (take that as you will).  But really, hype is hype -- my two bullies prove it to me every day.


  1. I felt the same way about both my boys. Maybe not so much that I'd 'never' trust them but certainly that trust is earned. It takes time and dedication! Two things you seem to give, unconditionally! Love it!

  2. Trust is a two way street and something that's earned, it sure looks like you've earned it many times over!