Monday, February 24, 2014

PEDs: Teaming Up with Other Resources

While we don't put out billboards about our walking group, we want to make sure our community knows about the resource available to them and their pooches.  One of the most efficient ways we have found to do so is to "team up" with other local dog resources. 

One of our favorite places sends dogs and their people our way after coming in looking for socialization opportunities.  A local doggy daycare recommends our group to those whose dogs don't pass the temperament test.  A few dog trainers even recommend our group for more practice.

We also make sure to support other canine-focused events, like doggy trick-or-treating.  By participating in these events, not only do we help them be successful (and hopefully recurring!), we can also meet dog owners outside of our usual circles.

For those of you with a walking group, how do you make sure your community knows about you?


  1. I love how your community is so collaborative and supportive of this group!

    1. Us too!! We lucked out with so many fantastic supporters!

  2. What a great way to meet other people and also to get your name out!