Friday, February 7, 2014

Grain Free = Odor Free

Last year when we switched the pooches' food brand to Victor Dog Food, we also decided to make the switch to grain-free.

We're lucky that the Ed & Tess don't have any major allergies, but we've heard really positive feedback from those who have switched to grain free, so we figured it wouldn't hurt.  Plus the formulation of the grain-free was closest to what we had been previously been feeding the dogs.

While we figured we would see skin and fur improvements (so soft!), there were a few other unexpected improvements, too.  Usually, we give Edison a bath once a month -- but smelling him after 3!  We went over 3 months before noticing his musky odor.  We also had to keep an eye on his ears and be sure to clean them each week as they would get really dirty, but since the switch haven't had to clean them yet!

What is your food doing for your pooches?


  1. Interesting! Well, we do feed grain-free but have for such a long time that I didn't put those things together. My hubs has always commented that Ray never smells like a dog and I've noticed that the longer Julius has been with us, the less "doggy" he smells. I wonder if it's the food?

    1. Even before the switch, people would always ask us how we keep our house from smelling like a dog. But we would start to notice it, so we were sure that we kept up with bath-time to keep us from getting used to it. But we have definitely noticed an improvement even on that in the past few months.

  2. Same is you, Kaya & Norman have soft fur and are sweet smelling, plus the grain free food got rid of a lot of the itching problems they came with. On a gross note, their poop is always really firm and now that Zoey is on the same food, hers is too (as a dog who has been "messy" her whole life!)