Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Edi & Tess's Favorite Things: Paus Berber Ball Bed

This Christmas, Edison and Tesla got the perfect present for our long days of snuggling over Christmas.

We thought the Paus Berber Ball would be the perfect way to trick get Tesla to snuggle with us.  Since she only snuggles on her own terms, we have to go to her.

What better way than a giant (44 inches!!) cushy floor pillow -- "big enough for 1 human and 1 dog."  We've even managed 1 human and 2 dogs.

What's your favorite way to snuggle with your pooches?


  1. That is awesome! Where did you get that giant pillow?!

    1. Lauren - We got it from - they have all sorts of stuff for dogs and they specifically ensure it's "pitbull approved." We love the folks there - they are super helpful and responsive to questions or comments.

    2. Oh thank you. I will check out their website.

  2. That. Is. AWESOME! You cannot help but spoon in that thing! Love it!

  3. Wow, Kaya & Norman would just die for that bed! We love piling up on the couch together. We get even more squished in than we do on the bed. It's just hard for me when I have to get up and then find a way to rearrange myself between then again:)