Wednesday, February 12, 2014


As we've said on here before, Tess is afraid of a lot of things.  She's afraid of water, anxious about car rides, and is even scared to be left alone.

We're starting to think she's a little agoraphobic.

It seems that she would much rather be home with her humans all day.  No adventures necessary.

Is your pooch a little agoraphobic, or is he a social butterfly?


  1. Love the last pic! Julius is definitely a social butterfly and although Ray likes being out and about, his favorite place is snoozing in my lap.

  2. I live with one social butterfly (Boomer) and a very un-social butterfly (Dottie). They sure keep things interesting!

  3. I do have a couple social butterflies on my hands but I find myself being a bit agoraphobic myself:/

  4. Love it! I would love to stay home and snuggle sweet Tess! I have one of each!