Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Time Tess Ran Away from Home

As we said here, Tess doesn't like being crated in new surroundings.  So when we first moved into my house, I didn't force her into her crate and accepted the fact that there would be pee when I got home.

I got a call about an hour later from our vet saying that someone had her, and they gave us his number.  I was confused, but I ran right back and picked her up.  Looking back on it, I'm guessing he called the vet instead of me because she had her old ID tag on -- one without an address (I had previously lived in temporary housing) and an out-of-area phone number (my cell phone).

As tends to happen in a new house, I was still figuring out the "tricks."  My backdoor didn't always latch completely unless you pulled it shut hard.  So even though I had closed and locked it, it must have popped back open.  My storm door also had a latch problem and it wouldn't completely shut unless you carefully latched it (not usually a major issue on its own).  And then my gate also had a latch problem and didn't completely shut.

Apparently, she just walked right out of the house in an effort to come find me.  The scary part is that we live on a corner of two daily busy streets, so looking back it was incredibly dangerous.  Thank goodness out neighbor that found her wasn't afraid to take in a little pitbull!  Both dogs are always crated at home now, and we've fixed all the latches!

Has your dog ever escaped from home?


  1. This is one of those things that each time it happens my heart stops. Both Annie and Paul have run off before and it scares me each time.

  2. When we were moving into our new house I opened the front door to get more boxes and saw our bulldog Diesel in the driveway (he must have sneaked out as we were making trips in and out). As soon as he saw me he took off as fast as his little bulldog legs could go. My finance and I ran outside to try to track him down (not thinking to take our cell phones with us). We were just starting to panic when an SUV came driving down the road. Diesel was sitting on the driver's lap, tongue flapping in the breeze, having the time of his life! These nice, nice people found him wandering along the edge of the main road. We weren't answering our cell phones so they called the real estate agent for the development to track us down. I am SO thankful they went above and beyond to get our little guy back!

  3. How scary!!! The dogs getting out is one of my greatest fears. I got a call once, from our previous dog walker who called to tell me that she had arrived but Melvin was not in the house. At the time, we were at the bedside of my dying grandfather and I can still hear the noise that came out of me, it was the sound of full on panic. Of course, Melvin was there, asleep in the spare bedroom. My heart still races when I even think about it!

  4. Scary!!!!

    We had an incident once when one of the back gates wasn't closed and locked and Dottie just wandered right out. I went through the house and backyard screaming her name only to find her under the tree in our front yard being scolded by a squirrel! Since then I'm always paranoid about the gates being closed.

  5. I think this must happen at least once to every dog owner but it's scary! Kaya and Norman got out of my old gate once when my first pet sitter was watching them. I was so traumatized because for a couple hours we did not know where they were and I was across the country. It turned out that a neighbor only a block away found them and brought them into his yard because they had no collars on. When no one came knocking he brought them to animal control and made sure they were chipped before he left. Apparently they hammed it up at the shelter and had a good old time.

    After that I upped the ante on their gate and door training. At our new house I've found that the gate has been left open several times by our contractor but the dogs have stayed put in the yard:) Oh, apart from the time I found Norman on the front porch, smiling at me through the window...could be worse:/