Friday, January 31, 2014

The Secret Skill

We completed yet another obedience class with Edison last night.  While the classes help up practice Edi's social skills, the trainers always tell us that we have all the tools and that we just need to keep practicing.

And while we are all about sharpening Edison's skills, it just seems like there's some trick that we haven't learned yet.  That there's some simple technique that will pull it all together and give us the dog that we know Edison can be.

But we all know there's no simple technique and that he secret skill we want really is practice, practice, practice.


  1. Good job Eddie! We will need to schedule a play date sometime!

  2. Good job! My dog didn't complete his training. He had to drop out right before the last class due to an injury.

  3. Yay Ed! I just love his face!