Friday, January 17, 2014

Doggy Routines

A common piece of advice for owners bringing home a new dog is to make and keep their routines.  We've found that our pooches have a few of their own routines that they've developed.

In the morning before we head downstairs, we make the pooches wait for us before heading down the stairs.  Edison takes this so seriously that he will walk between us and the top landing as if telling us to hurry up because he is hungry.  One downstairs, unless directed otherwise, Edison waits (standing up) very closely to his food bowls until after we put down his water dish.  Then he will lie down to wait for his food bowl.

We've talked before about Tesla's routines that she has that are borderline obsessive compulsive including her bathroom routine and car routine.

In the morning, Sam is the first one to get out of bed.  If he gets up and puts on sweatpants, Edison will continue laying in bed.  As soon as Sam puts on his dress pants though, Edison is up and ready to start his day.

What sort of routines have your pooches created for themselves?


  1. Yes!!! We are routine house also! It may not always be at the exact same time every day but everything we do has an order. I find that if they dogs know what's next, they are set up for more success and they can relax and just rely on me to be sure it goes as it should! Love it!

  2. We are routine driven as well and things can be done later if we sleep in. I really feel that routine and knowing what comes next is what helped Juli calm down as far as wolfing his food. Now I almost have to urge him to eat faster!

  3. Oh yeah, we know all about the routines from eating to going outside to walks, Boomer and Dottie wouldn't have it any other way!