Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Winter Prep: Cold Weather Gear

Living in Erie, you learn to work around the cold.  While we do have a backyard for those days we stay inside and snuggle, the pooches really do need walked.  And we need to go to our PEDs walks.

When I first got Tess, I didn't think twice about clothes -- they were just for small dogs.  After our first walk together ended in me carrying my pitbull 4 blocks home when she refused to go any further, I quickly invested in a coat for Tessie.  After spending too much on a coat that only lasts one season, we found these coats on a recommendation from the eskimos themselves.  We love that they are high quality and actually cover the pooches bellies -- especially since Tesla's tends to hit the snow!

On the extra cold days, we layer up with our favorite Zack & Zoey hoodies -- the only hoodie that fits around their barrel chests (isn't a foot too long).  At a reasonable price, we can get these in a variety of coordinating colors.

And we can't forget, of course, our Sirius Republic snoods.  Seriously.  We love these things.  Not only do they add an extra layer of warmth, we get so many compliments on how cute the pooches look.  And you know we love every opportunity to make our dogs approachable!

What are your "musts" when it comes to cold weather gear?


  1. They look so cute all dressed up. Boomer and Dottie have pretty thick coats and don't really need clothes but I do have a Tiennot Knits sweater for Dottie just in case she gets cold (she's closer to the ground than Boomer is).

  2. OMG, they are so freaking adorable! We have most of those - I tried the Z&Z hoodie for Jake and do you know it was still too snug! He's between a Med and Large in chest but a small/med for length!

  3. I love the way they look all bundled up! *Almost* makes me miss the cold more.

  4. So funny that we are on the same wavelength. They do look very cute in their gear (and I know it does keep them super warm!)

  5. I love the snow! The pooches look very cozy in their gear. I bought Kaya & Norman coats for the snow but I think they prefer to be naked:/