Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Edi & Tess's Favorite Things: Earth Rated Poop Bags

Poop bags are something that every dog owner is familiar with.  We started to feel pretty guilty of throwing away so many plastic bags.  We tried to poop scoop into a garbage bag, but not only did that make our garage super stinky, it was almost impossible to pick up when Edi had an upset tummy.

So we switched back to poop bags and decided to find an eco-friendly, biodegradable poop bag.  We tried a couple cheap ones (again, we use so many), and as we have, unfortunately, learned from experience, poop bags are not an area you want to skimp -- many tears, leaks, and defected rolls later.

We then found the mother of all poop bags -- Earth Rated.  They were everything we were looking for, and more: thick and strong.  While they aren't labeled "biodegradable" (because the US has different definitions), they are considered biodegradable in Canada (where they are the product of a small business!).  They even have a 100% recycled paper core!

We're seriously loving these bags.  We even bought a 900-count box from Amazon.  Although we're a little bummed that they aren't labeled "biodegradable," we are interested in trying their compostable bags!

What's the scoop on your poop bags?


  1. I use the exact same ones. I have the dispenser on my key chain and my daughter has one clipped to the diaper bag for when she is out and can't dispose of a dirty diaper. These are the best!

  2. Ohhh, now this is smart. I'm going to have to copy you on this one. I'm always feeling guilty about throwing away so many bags. Thanks for sharing!

  3. My dog fertilizes plants. He prefers a private bathroom (behind shrubs). Funny that I typically don't need to scoop it up… but that's awesome that there are eco friendly bags. I will need to invest for our walks.