Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Photos with Lani Harmon 2013

Just like last year, we took the pooches for their annual Christmas photo with Lani Harmon.

These photo shoots are always a testament to how far the pooches have come from the year before.

Edison was even better than last year (if that's even possible!).  And at the end of our shoot we figured out the trick to get Tesla to relax (just a little!) in front of the camera -- set up the shot and then bring your face out from behind the camera.

Within just a few minutes, we had the perfect photo -- with both the pooches cooperating.

Thanks again to Lani for another great photo!

Do you get your pooches' photos taken?  Did you do a Christmas photo?


  1. Beautiful pic! I could give Edison smooches all day!

  2. They are so freaking adorable!!! Look how sweet their eyes are even though they wearing embarrassing hats!

  3. Well isn't that the most handsome reindeer you ever did see? P.S. Your hair looked awesome in the first photo! I want to take some of Onyx at home. I think he'll cooperate with the right treats! :)

  4. I love that last photo it's so cute!

    We just had some pics taken of Boomer and Dottie so we aren't going to try for Christmas photos other than what we take here at home.

  5. Great pictures! I took some this morning but haven't checked if they came out yet:/