Monday, November 18, 2013

PEDs: No Greetings Policy

One of the major rules of our walking group is that there are no dog greetings allowed before, during, or after our walks.  We do this for 3 reasons:

1. Since we invite reactive dogs to our group, we almost always have one or two on our walks.  Establishing a "no greetings" policy ensures that all members are aware of their dogs, and takes some of the burden off of reactive dog owners.

2. Because we have reactive dogs in our group, we try to limit the level of excitement as much as possible as a high-energy level can trigger many reactive pooches.  Eliminating greetings helps us do just that.

3. Not allowing greetings has its benefits for social butterflies as well.  Many of these dogs want to greet others and will pull and and whine to go meet other dogs.  Walking as a pack helps with this behavior.

What benefits do you notice from not allowing your pooch to greet others?


  1. I LOVE this policy! In a true structured walk the dogs only job is to follow the handler. It is not to pull, whine, bark, or sniff without pack leaders permission. It is communing with your dog in his/her most primal manner; migrating as a pack, with the human in charge. It teaches our dogs not to become reactive and not to create a target of themselves by acting overly excitable around another more dominant dog that might try to correct that "weird" behavior. You are doing such a wonderful service to all dog owners out there, keep up the great work!

  2. I never thought of that third reason! Thanks, that will be helpful when I try to explain the reasons for no dog interactions to potential pack members :)

  3. So many people don't understand our "no greetings" policy with KC Pittie Pack... maybe in the future I'll just send them a link to this blog post! You explain it so well! :)

    1. We've had to explain it a few times, but it seemed well received!