Friday, November 15, 2013

Heated Blankets

We kept Edison on lockdown around the house for several weeks when we first brought him home.  It took him a while to come to know our creature comforts.

And while he quickly learned the comfort of the bed, he wasn't so keep on the idea of being under blankets.  He would thrash and bite his way out every time.

But with the recent cold weather, the idea has been more and more appealing...especially because he's less likely to get kicked out for pinning down the blankets.

Do your pooches like snuggling under the blankets?


  1. Ray loves being under the blankets! Julius is still learning about the whole bed thing but he loves pillows.

  2. That first picture is so delicious! It makes me want to go back home and get the boys and snuggle in bed!!! Jake loves all blankets. Melvin hates all blankets. Typical!

  3. I love the first photo, it's too cute! Boomer and Dottie don't like to be under the blankets, it freaks them out, but if you invite them on the bed they will be more than happy to take over the bed!

  4. Neither of my dogs will purposely go under the blankets on their own, but if Braylon is cuddling and with you and you cover her up as well she likes that and doesn't wiggle out.

  5. That last picture is so funny! Kaya sleeps under and Norman sleeps over. Their choice and it can't be any other way:)