Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Up with the Sun

The past few mornings, we've noticed that the pooches have been slower than usual in getting up and around.

Usually, shortly after we get up, the dogs are up and ready to eat go.

Our pooches' sleep cycles seem to depend entirely on the rising of the sun.

We have noticed that with the sun coming up later and later each morning, the humans of the house have had a harder time getting out of bed as well.

Does the change in season affect your dogs?


  1. If anything, Roxy is up earlier and goes outside to bark at the kids going off to school. Her brother, Zach, has been coming down early, banging on my door to be let in. I wish they would sleep later. Maybe when winter gets here...

  2. The only thing the time change effects for Boomer and Dottie is what time they eat... they think it should always stay the same!

  3. For sure, Kaya & Norman love to sleep in but even more so in the winter. I type this as it's 10 am and we're all still in bed!

  4. Yes! The longer the humans stay in bed, the longer the dogs are willing to as well! I don't like to walk the dogs until there is at least some sunlight, otherwise we risk running into unexpected things, like skunks!

  5. Hades has been SO happy lately and I've been curious what may have triggered it (I thought at first it was taking a break after Mason was adopted,) but I wonder if part of it has to do with the weather! Maybe Hades is just a little cranky when it's beastly hot here. I know it certainly affect people. :)

    1. How funny! I forgot for a second you're in AZ and thought you meant that Hades likes cold weather! I could imagine the hot weather would play a role. I know I get cranky when it's hot -- and I'm sure it's nothing compared to your heat!