Friday, October 4, 2013

Summer Slacking

Even though it's been summers and we've had gorgeous weather, it's been a hard few months for the pooches and us.

We've really been slacking on our daily walks, especially training walks.

Summers are always super busy, making it difficult for us to do all the socialization activities we normally do.

And while we aren't doing an official challenge, we're getting back to work with training walks, socializing, and working on our obedience commands.

Have you and your pooch kept up over the summer?


  1. We've had some major changes in our life this summer. Moving to a new state with lots of new sniffs has causes some bad walking behaviors to come out which we're working on.

  2. It happens to us all!!! We go easy on hot days and then going easy becomes the norm and then boom, out of whack! We are getting back on track right along with you!!!

  3. We've been doing this too! Summer is so sneaky:)