Wednesday, October 30, 2013

P.I. Trick or Treating

On Sunday before our weekly PEDs walk, we participated in a special event at Presque Isle - doggy trick-or-treating!

Canine-focused companies and organizations set up booths and handed out treats and information to dogs and their humans.  We decided that PEDs should support this event, too.  As we've said before, Erie doesn't have the best dog culture (even though we have a ton of dogs!), and we're all about helping to change that where we can.

We made some treat bags and small informational flyers, loaded up our new Mini Moo cards, and were off.  We figured with this being the first year of this event, there would be a small turnout - boy were we wrong!  We ran out of treat bags after the first hour, and I think the other booths were done shortly after.

We're so glad the event was such a success and so many pooches joined us dressed in costume!

Do you have any canine-focused Halloween/costume events in your area?


  1. Look at all those dogs!!! Heaven!!!

  2. What a great group! There are a lot of Halloween events in our area, it's hard to decide what to go to! There is a costume contest at a local dog park where only small dogs can enter. It's pretty funny to watch because the owners are so competitive and catty! Apparently, it's very political and a few people spend the whole year working on their costumes, lol!

    1. That's hysterical! There are a few events around here, but I don't think they are so serious! We always throw a (human) party, so unfortunately we are too busy prepping for that to be creative for the pooches!

  3. Awesome news about dog trick or treating in Erie!