Monday, October 21, 2013

PEDs: Sharing Advice

Our weekly walks have surprised us with the number of benefits it provides for the dogs and their humans.

One of the benefits has been providing us with an environment to discuss what has worked with our pooches...and what hasn't.  It gives us the opportunity to bounce ideas off one another and discover new strategies and tools for improvement.

So often issues we face are something that a member has already dealt with.  We know that our pooches are individuals, but the advice of other members is a great starting place.

Do you have an environment to discuss your doggy issues?


  1. I used to have an environment like that because I was working in a clinic... now I just ask my fellow bloggers!

  2. I used to like to go to the dog park to discuss all things doggie but after a while, I became the opposite. I now prefer hikes on our own and exchanging a quick hello or smile at the park. Not sure why!