Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Jumpin' Jehosaphat!

In the 4 years I have had Tess, we have never once had fleas.  But before our friend Bandit left, he made sure to leave us with a parting gift.

So after a little freak-out, we put together a game plan: get the dogs clean, get the house clean, total eradication.

In our arsenal were 3 major players:

1. Diatomaceous Earth - we sprinkled this on all the carpets and furniture, as well as our mattresses and rugs.  This kills fleas by dehydration and it totally safe around animals.  We actually sprinkled this on and left it for a day before vacuuming up.  We also placed the end of a pair of panty hose over the top so we could use the jar like a shakers.

2. Bengal Dry Indoor Fogger - good for a 1,000 square feet and only around $8 bucks a can, we bought one for each floor.  This is the brand that is typically used in schools, hospitals, and restaurants and only requires being out of the house for 1 hour.

3. Homemade Flea Spray - made with 8 oz. apple cider vinegar, 4 oz. hot water, 1/2 tsp. salt, 1/2 tsp. baking soda, and 10 drops tea tree oil (shake contents slowly as the vinegar and baking soda will react to one another), we are able to use this to treat the pooches since we give them Frontline at the beginning of each month.  Then using a flea comb, we comb out the pooches.

We also made sure to wash all the bedding, blankets, oh and every piece of clothing in the house (thanks to leaving clothing out to be contaminated...then putting it in drawers. Forehead slap), then vacuumed pretty much every surface in the house.

Unfortunately, we did not keep up with the plan (vacuum every day, spray dogs every day, repeat until next round of Frontline and then move to periodic checks) and had a re-emergence of the little nasties this week.  So the pooches both got sprayed down, more vacuuming, and another bombing is on the docket for later today.

Hopefully this works, otherwise I've been seriously contemplating just moving...

Have you ever had fleas?  What was your secret to getting rid of them?


  1. OMG, this made me squirm and scream NOOOOOOOOOO for you! As the weather gets cold and skin get's dry and I start to itch I almost always have a brief freak out moment that maybe it's fleas! I'm sorry that you are living the nightmare!

    1. many. meltdowns. We have NEVER had fleas before! It really is overwhelming (and I'm only mostly joking when I say I contemplated moving!). I absolutely LOVE fall before it gets too cold...but a part of me CANNOT WAIT until the first frost...I'm hoping it helps kill some for us! My biggest worry is that even if we get rid of them, we'll be prone to getting them over and over...

  2. The big thing that I know about treating fleas is to treat the dogs and then let them roam the house like they normally would because the existing fleas will then jump on the dogs, bite them and die. And, of course treat the yard, the house and wash all the clothes and bedding. Those little buggers are hard to get rid of but it can be done and it does take time due to their life cycle.

    1. I'm very frustrated because they are always on Frontline and we gave them their dosage the 1st of October. We realized we had fleas the 6th - so we were unable to give them another dosage. But we did call the vet and are getting a pill for them that protects them for 24 hours. So we'll do 3 dosages (3 days) while we attempt to get the house cleaned up. Fingers crossed Round 2 does the trick!

  3. We're still on Comfortis since our flee issue back in August. It's a prescription strength since flees in our area are getting used to the over the counter stuff. I have to ground it down for A&P and put it in some wet dog food to make it go down. But yea, we've still got stuff in bags in the garage to make sure everything died. I also wrapped our mattresses in plastic covers just in case. It'll come off in the winter, but for right now, i'm still tooo paranoid of those suckers coming back. Come on cold weather!! Good luck!!

  4. Ugh! What a nightmare! I recently found a couple fleas on Kaya & Norman after never seeing one on them. It freaked me out! I washed everything and put Frontline on them but I was still seeing one here and there so I put Advantage II on them which seemed to do the trick. I had to take Zoey to the vet the other day and asked her about it. She said Frontline is no longer working but Advantage and a few others are. Not sure if this could a a nationwide issue but it is an odd coincidence.