Friday, October 11, 2013

Family Walk Friday: Walking with Lu

With our recent slacking, one thing we've been trying to do to make up is taking Family Walks.  These differ from our regular daily walks in that we try to get out of our normal neighborhood and explore more of our city.

We also love taking the opportunity to walk with friends and their dogs.  We know the benefit of pack walks, and even walking with one new dogs we see huge benefits.

We saw this benefit recently when we went on a nice long walk with our friend Ludwig.  As expected, Edison had issues with him at first, but as our walk started, we could feel the difference in Edi's demenour -- so much more relaxed!

By the end of our walk, the two were off-leash together, relaxing!

How to do you challenge your pooch?


  1. I 100% think walks cure most things. If I or the dogs are in a 'mood', a walk gets us back on track. As much as I love snuggling them and caring for them, I think we bond most on walks! Yay you!!!

    1. Could not agree more!! We did really well during and after our Challenge in the Spring, but summers are bad - we're busy and Edi doesn't do well in the heat. But when we were walking regularly together and doing training classes, I felt so in-tune with the pooches!

  2. I've enrolled Dottie in obedience classes to challenge her to come out of her shell more and to hopefully walk better on leash. Boomer on the other hand challenges me with his whining and barking when he wants to meet another dog.

  3. We love family walks! And it helps keep us closer as a family.