Friday, October 18, 2013

Dog Friendly Friday: Taphouse

Last week, we took a night walk around downtown.  As we were finishing our walk, we came to a local pub, the Taphouse.  They have a great sidewalk patio, but it is always packed.

Because it was kind of chilly out, the patio was empty.  We took the opportunity to enjoy downtown with the pooches.  Luckily, we dressed warm -- us and the dogs!

It was so dark out, so I was having trouble getting some good photos, so we only were able to catch a couple phone photos.  But we enjoyed hanging out on the patio -- the waitress even came out to say hi!

We had a great time enjoying our city with a couple of cold ones and our pooches.

How do you enjoy your city with your dogs?


  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, so cool and so jealous!!!! I used to take Max to cafe's, he'd lay down and enjoy the people watching. Melvin would prefer to lunge at falling food or drag the table around!

  2. What fun! There are a few bars in SF that I've brought Norman to. I even got to let him off leash and he wandered around to say hi to everyone and made some dog friends too:)

  3. Yeah for finding a patio! As you know...we love them!