Monday, September 23, 2013

PEDs: Recognizing Triggers

On yesterday's walk, we were discussing our dogs' triggers - runners, bicyclists, other dogs.  We also talked about how it is so important to be able to read your dog and react before they do.

Like many reactive dogs, Edison is a "red zone" dog -- once he gets going, it becomes almost impossible to bring him back to focus -- which makes it even more important that we be able to read his signs.

Edison's signs can sometimes be so subtle and require us to be extra in-tune to each other.

Our time on the PEDs walks gives us the opportunity to learn to read our pooches' signs in a safe environment.

Can you read your pooches' signs?


  1. Love that you have the walk to work on that, and are surrounded by people who understand! We are still working on Jake heading out on a walk for enjoyment as opposed to what he currently heads out doing, anticipating other dogs!

  2. Dina gets crazy in the yard- and yeah she is pretty easy to read, never heard of the word subtle.

  3. Good point! We've been working on our leash walking skills lately and though neither of my dogs are reactive, they do get distracted by things, especially other dogs. It is so helpful to see it before they do and get their attention on me!

  4. I know most of the signs Boomer and Dottie have but sometimes I miss them.

    A big trigger for Dottie is squirrels and I don't always see them either. And, for Boomer it's bunnies.

  5. So funny you wrote this..I was just thinking how I can anticipate every movement and shake of the head from Miss M. It took years, but no surprises now. (PS. So great meeting you! I only wish our walk hadn't been rained out!)