Tuesday, September 17, 2013

PEDs: Creating a Dog Culture

It’s no secret that Erie is not an incredibly dog-friendly city.

This past weekend, we visited Chicago and saw just how dog-friendly a city can be!  Many shops allow pooches to come in with their owners, sit on the restaurant patios, and even leave water bowls out for passing dogs.

Yep - we met the famous Mr B and Miss M!

One thing we would love to accomplish through PEDs is creating an awareness of the dog culture in Erie.  There is a great base - a few dog friendly shops, great resources, and a group of responsible dog owners - but we would love to see a stronger dog community in our city.

Seeing how initiatives like SociaBulls have such a positive impact on a city like Chicago gives us a great hope that our group will someday get Erie there.

Do you have a strong dog culture in your city?


  1. Sooooo jealous that you got to meet Miss M and Mr B!!!!!

  2. Oh Maaaaannn! I'm jealous too. :-) Also, ahem, we live between Erie and Chicago so if you're driving that way again I would drop everything to meet you.

  3. We have a very dog friendly community in NoVa but I guess it wasn't always like that. Baby steps eventually turn into leaps!! You will do GREAT things, we just know it!

  4. You got to meet Miss M and Mr. B? I'm jealous now...

    Where we were from, Wichita, KS, it wasn't too dog friendly. Sure there were parks but nothing like what you've described in Chicago. Since moving to Longmont, CO we haven't had a chance to explore as much but hear it's pretty nice.