Wednesday, September 4, 2013

My Very Own Personal Therapy Dog

Tess passed her therapy dog test almost 2 years ago.  She makes visits each month to various locations around Erie.

When she's not busy helping kids practice to read, or visiting with kids away from home, she's hard at work being our very own personal therapy dog.

It seems that Tess knows exactly when someone is upset or sick.  Even on days when we're just extra sleepy, she makes sure no one is left alone for too long.

Does your pooch take care of you?


  1. I suddenly need therapy, can she come snuggle me???!!!! I love her nurturing soul!

  2. Dina sleeps with me and when I'm ill comes in to check on me sometimes but I don't think she is cut out to be a personal doctor!
    Dina Mom

  3. What a sweet, sweet girl! I feel the need to snuggle... is she available for long-distance therapy?

  4. Aw... what a sweetheart! She needs to teach Boomer and Dottie what to do!