Friday, September 20, 2013

Dogs in Decor

In addition to the DIY art we made, there are several pieces of dog-related art throughout the house.  While we try to keep it limited to one area of the house, we've found that it is slowly slipping throughout our abode.

When we found these Dean Russo prints that capture Ed & Tess so well, we could resist passing them up.  They look great in our bedroom "reading nook."

1. Our dog art has made its way into our hallway, finding itself at the start of our gallery wall.  I got the beautiful "A House Isn't a Home Without a Pitbull" print from PigDog.

2. The middle-right piece is a card (with a handwritten note!!) I got with my CharlieDog order -- it was too cute not to keep!

3. The bottom piece is a Tesla original.  A few years ago I held a fundraiser for The ANNA Shelter -- Pooches & Picassos -- where each pup made a canvas of art using their paws and tails!

We love the appearance pooches make throughout our house.

Do you have dog-themed art in your house?


  1. I actually have framed pawtographed prints of several V dogs, Wallace, and of some celebri-blog-dogs. Right now they're on a bookshelf in an unused room but after we move, I hope to incorporate them into a more visiual part of the house.

  2. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, all those are so AWESOME!!!! One of my favorite pieces I have is a painting I commissioned from a young student at a special needs school in DC. The artist and subject (Max) make is priceless!

  3. We just recently got a portrait of Boomer and Dottie from Yellow Brick Home and we have many other pieces through out our house. And, I plan to add even more.

  4. Awesome! I've got a lot of dog art planned for my new house after our remodeling and painting is done. I can't wait!

  5. cute! I wanted to get a dog calendar does that count?